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Innovative pulse transformer

Conventional transformer consumes 3W in standby mode, an innovative transformer is used in air conditioners EWT Clima consumes only 1 watt. Reduces power consumption.


The function "I feel"

Temperature sensor is located directly in the remote control, which provides a more accurate measurement of the "working" zone air conditioning.

For optimum comfort use the air conditioner all the current modes of the system are displayed on the LCD remote control, the most important ones, are displayed on the front panel of the indoor unit.


Intelligent system for defrosting the outdoor unit

To avoid formation of ice on the outdoor unit heat exchanger, air conditioning is switched to the defrost mode. Traditional program defrost works in accordance with specified time intervals.

For example, for 10 minutes every 50 minutes. The program Intelligent Defrosting EWT Tslima activates this process only if it is really necessary, resulting in reduced energy consumption and the consumer gets maximum comfort.


Function 8ºC

Air conditioning will keep the temperature 8ºC, allowing the room to cool down and consuming the least electricity. This feature is relevant in the cold time of year for holiday homes and cottages with no central heating.


Comfort sleep mode

This mode creates optimal conditions for rest and allows you to save electricity. When you press the Sleep for some time the temperature drops by 2 degrees, and then maintained with an accuracy of 2ºC during the period established by timer, after which the air conditioner off. Indoor fan speed is fixed at the minimum value to reduce the noise level.

  • Mode 1 (standard): The room temperature will automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (when heated).
  • Mode 2 (intelligence): Studies of human biological rhythms during sleep, have established a comfortable temperature dependence of the time. Using these data, the microcomputer conditioner automatically adjusts the room temperature depending on the user-defined parameters of thermal comfort.
  • Mode 3 (Custom): You can set your own temperature curve for a "night mode" so that your air-conditioning provided a comfortable environment for sleep according to your needs.

The function of the warm start

While the air conditioner in the heating mode prevents delivery in a room of cold air from the indoor unit. indoor fan only turns on when the temperature of the heat exchanger reaches the setting temperature. Upon reaching this temperature, the indoor fan operates at low speed for 1 minute, and then transferred to a user-defined speed.


self-cleaning system

After switching off the air conditioner indoor fan for some time continues to run. This prevents accumulation of moisture on the heat exchanger and prevents contamination of the indoor unit.

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