DC Inverter Technology


DC Inverter

The inverter (frequency converter) allows you to smoothly adjust the power conditioner.

The control unit is in the air conditioning converts AC power to a constant, and then generates an alternating voltage with the desired frequency. For a more rapid achievement of the desired temperature controller increases the speed of the inverter compressor motor. The air conditioner runs in the forced mode as long as the room temperature reaches the set value. Then the engine speed is reduced, but the compressor continues to operate under-derzhivaya constant temperature with minimal variations. Thus, during operation of inverter air conditioner is not constant on / off the compressor. This helps to reduce power consumption, lower noise, more accurately maintain a set temperature (temperature fluctuations do not exceed 1,0 ºC ), to work in a wide range of outdoor temperatures, andextend the lifespan of the compressor due to the smaller number of starts.Super DC Inverter - Inverter technology with osobovysokoy energy efficiency and energy class A + (EER / COP> 4,00). And it all while maintaining the main advantages of the "standard" inverter:quiet operation, efficiency, durability, accurate temperature control.

benefits DC Inverter Technology

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